In Taoist practices, different rituals are used to assist and enhance wellness, and to help to avoid calamities. We use bespoke rituals or 祈福 blessing, designed to best suit your needs.

”Enhance Wellness and Avoid Calamities”

祈福 Blessing For Health, Wealth and Relationship

For those who wish to pray for the Safety, Health, Wealth, Relationships and other Positive Wishes, 祈福 blessing will greatly help you in reaching your goals and wishes and avoiding negative impacts.

New Born Baby 祈福 Blessing 

This blessing is to pray for the safety, health and well-being. It’s advisable to bring your new born baby only after full month.

Car Blessing

When buying a new car or used car, it is important cleanse the car to remove any negative energies and to bless the car to protect from accidents and mishaps.

Health Ritual

The 2 most common rituals, and often performed in tandem are:

  • Health Rituals – heals sickness
  • Prevention Rituals – prevents sickness and accidents

Relationship Ritual

Interpersonal relationships:

  • Repair or promote a harmonious working relationship in the work place with your superiors, peers, subordinates and clients
  • Seek and cultivate a benefactor

Friendships, romantic relationships and marriages:

  • Search for a life partner
  • Improve affinities between two persons
  • Improve a marital relationship
  • Repair problems in a marriage

Career and Wealth Ritual


  • Advancement and promotions
  • Increase profitability
  • Improve business performance
  • Career changes


  • Creation of wealth
  • Accumulation of wealth

Personal Protection

Some frequent requests are:

  • To get rid of vile people in your environment
  • To protect against negative energies and people
  • General protections