Name Selection

What: Name is the 1st gift to your child after baby is born. Some people say name will determine personality, future, destiny. Why don’t you get advices from feng shui master to enlighten your child’s life? Research shows that a person’s name matters a lot more than you might think. The name of a person can hold much influence over his or her life. instances, changing your name can also aid you in improving your luck and life.



(1) Who consider name for new born baby

(2) Who consider name change


When: After birth of baby ( Required birthdate and time )



(1) Prior to analysis, following documents/information are required:

(a) The baby’s gender

(b) The baby’s exact birth date, time and country of birth

(c) Birth date, Chinese and English name of the baby’s parents

(d) Birth date, Chinese and English name of the baby’s sibling(s)

(2) Within 7 days after baby born, Master will choose five names for the parents to select. These names are chosen based on their compatibility with the elements of the baby’s Eight Characters, character strokes and pronunciation of the name.

(3) After parents chose the child’s name, On the appointment day, master will meet customer to explain and hand over the “Selection of Baby Name Report”.

Date Selection

What: To ensure smooth progress and favourable outcomes, it is essential to select an auspicious date for important events and special occasions. Be it an auspicious date for wedding, giving birth or the launching of an event/product etc., master can provide you with suitable dates that set your mind at rest.


(1) Who is planning wedding

(2) Who is considering caesarean 

(3) Who is planning opening new outlet 

(4) Who is planning contract sign 

(5) Who is planning moving house or house renovation



(1) Prior to analysis, following documents/information are required:

Date, time and country of birth (Depending on the purpose, required information may differ. In such case, we will advise what are the other required information)

(2) Master will send you a report in approximately 1 week after receiving information. The report includes:

(a) Auspicious date and time

(b) Brief life analysis

Life Analysis

What: Are you at a crossroad, trying to decide which path to take? Would you like to know more about your future? How does your luck fares for this year? Gaining greater insights on your inner self can help to unlock your true potential, aiding you to make the right decisions and excel in your life journey for career, academic, romance, health or wealth. It helps you gain better perspective and understanding about different aspects in life. It can help to guide you in making sound decisions as to what is appropriate in order to create life opportunities, maximize your strengths and minimize your weaknesses and bad luck. 



(1) Prior to analysis, following documents/information are required;

(a) Date, time and country of birth 

(2) Master will explain and hand over a brief “Personal Life Analysis” report to you, which include aspects such as your characteristics as well as career, health, marriage and luck cycle. Master will also advise you on the age you should take note of. This will give you a better self-understanding and assist you in achieving success in life.