Our Services

We are a one stop solution for Feng Shui and Personal Services. We assist our customers to harmonize their environment in work and home by using ancient ways for modern living.

1. Feng Shui

Today is much more complex than when it first originated although the basis are the same, our lifestyles and environments have changed through the ages. As most of us now live in a face paced ever-changing global community, the challenge for us to gain life’s balance act is ever so challenging. . The goal of Feng Shui is to help live in harmony with environment, thereby enhancing well-being. Change your relationship with the Universe today!

2. Bliss Ritual

Rituals are a powerful form of empowerment. It is the transfer of energy from the divine to the common folk. It is like praying except that the focus of energy on that person and his/her objective is amplified through immense focus and chanting by a trained master.

3. Consultation Services

At crossroads and don’t know where to go. Having doubts in certain Major decisions in your life? From Life Analysis to Name Selection and Date Selection for important date..We are here to help you guide you to optimize you energies for a smooth sailing journey in Life.