What: Marriage. “Save That Relationship!” Any married couple would agree that keeping a happy marriage life is ever so challenging these days with the large amounts of stress and distractions we face everyday. If you discovered that your partner is unfaithful or having the roving eye and want to save your relationship. Years of marriage have made your relationship stagnant and you want to relight that spark


Who: This is suitable for people who

(1) Still love each other but just can’t see eye to eye and want to save the marriage

(2) Discovered that their partners always have many distraction aka member of the opposite sex roving around them

(3) Discovered that their partner is having an affair and want them to turn back

(4) Want to rekindle the spark in their marriage or relationship

(5) Have grown apart from their partner and want to relive those happy times.



(1) Consultation with master to understand the situation and analyse which ritual is the most suitable

(2) Collect some personal materials

(3) Master will prepare necessary materials and visit the premises for the rituals

(4) Ritual will be conducted in master’s office on auspicious appointed date together with customer.