What: Love “Enhancing love relationship luck” Having difficulty finding your other half and worried about being left on the shelf. Feeling blue when you don’t have that someone special to spend time with. Or every time you meet someone new it just leads to nowhere? We might just have the solution for you. Our marriage luck enhancing rituals are customised to your specific requirements and situations that will increase your marriage luck or bring your current relationship to the next level.


Who: This is recommended for people for

(1) Want to but can’t seem to find their potential life partner 

(2) Always having squabbles with their partners 

(3) Are in stagnant relationship and want to rekindle the spark 

(4) Always unlucky in love relationships


(1) Consultation with master to understand the situation and analyse which ritual is the most suitable

(2) Collect some personal materials

(3) Master will prepare necessary materials and visit the premises for the rituals

(4) Ritual will be conducted in master’s office on auspicious appointed date together with customer.