Master Louis Cheung

Forerunner of Fengshui Practitioner and Taoism Rituals

From a young age, Master Louis Cheung has had great interest in Chinese culture and history. In his early twenties, he had already began practicing Fengshui and Taoism Rituals to aid people.

His motto is to “Enhance Wellness Avoid Calamity”.

Though Master Cheung is home-based in Singapore, his popularity brings him abroad. He leaves his footprints in Hong Kong, China, Japan, Myanmar, Vietnam, Europe, USA and Africa, with clients who take his consultation seriously.

The master to go to in a one-stop, one on one consultation for all matters.

From business relocations, new partnerships, mergers; nothing is too small for him to spend time one. Careers, relationships, health and wealth issues are frequently dealt with.

Master Louis Cheung loves his work. He excels in it.

Singapore Fengshui Master Louis Cheung
《六壬仙師玄道風水舘》 張法泓 新加坡六壬仙法傳教師 風水師傳 Divineway Fengshui Master Louis Cheung