Award-Winning Fengshui Master & Geomancer in Singapore

Forerunner of Feng Shui, Bazi Reading, and Taoism Ritual Practitioner in Singapore

Master Louis Cheung is an award-winning Feng Shui Master, Bazi Reading Consultant, Taoism Ritual Practitioner and Geomancer in Singapore. He is a leading master who can provide vital services like Fengshui and Rituals simultaneously for your home, office, and project in Singapore. The master of geomancy to go for in Singapore for one-stop, one-on-one consultation for all matters.

Fengshui Master Louis Cheung

Commercial Fengshui 商業風水

Master Louis Cheung Divineway Fengshui Kaiguang

Consecration Ceremony 開光

Master Louis Cheung Divineway Fengshui

Ground Breaking Ceremony 動土化煞旺宅

Since a young age, Master Louis Cheung has had a great interest in Chinese geomancy, culture and history. In his early twenties, he already began practicing Feng Shui and Taoism rituals to aid people. This led to the establishment of his company in Singapore, Divineway Fengshui Gallery, on Joo Chiat Road in 2010.

Fengshui Master Louis Cheung Divineway Fengshui

His motto is to “Enhance Wellness Avoid Calamity”.

Though Master Cheung is a feng shui master & geomancer that is home-based in Singapore, his popularity brings him abroad. He leaves his footprints in Hong Kong, China, Japan, Myanmar, Vietnam, Australia, Europe, USA and Africa, with clients who take his consultation seriously.

Master Louis is a one-stop adviser for Feng Shui, rituals and blessings, Ba Zi Readings, Talismans, and for all matters.

From business relocations, new partnerships, mergers, mentorship, relationships, health and even court cases; nothing is small for him to resolve. Careers, relationships, health, and wealth issues are frequently dealt with.

Master Louis Cheung loves his work. He excels in it.

開光 Amulet

Client Confidentiality and Our Belief

Our Corporate Customer varies from Banking, Developer, MNC, Construction, Engineering, Oil& Gas, Start Up Media, Gaming, Digital Marketing, Hedge Fund, Insurance Company, Automotive Retail, Entertainment, Event Management, Event Contractor, Jewellery Shop, Fashion Retail, F&B, Children Care Center, Aesthetic to Clan Association. We are fully aware of our responsibility and the professionalism required in dealing with the extra sensitivity involved in protecting the identity and confidentiality of our clients.

Although the core beliefs of our company are more inclined toward Traditional Chinese and Taoist Beliefs, we also collaborate with people and organizations from all walks of life and religions to better their lives.

Divineway Fengshui Master Louis Cheung

Residential Fengshui 住家風水