What: To ensure smooth progress and favourable outcomes, it is essential to select an auspicious date for important events and special occasions. Be it an auspicious date for wedding, giving birth or the launching of an event/product etc., master can provide you with suitable dates that set your mind at rest.


(1) Who is planning wedding

(2) Who is considering caesarean

(3) Who is planning opening new outlet

(4) Who is planning contract sign

(5) Who is planning moving house or house renovation



(1) Prior to analysis, following documents/information are required:

Date, time and country of birth (Depending on the purpose, required information may differ. In such case, we will advise what are the other required information)

(2) Master will send you a report in approximately 1 week after receiving information. The report includes:

(a) Auspicious date and time

(b) Brief life analysis

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