People says “Luck is happened when preparation meets opportunity”.

Let the opportunity coming in your way.

Feng Shui concerns the laws of the heaven and earth. It is the statistical survey to find out how the environment affects a person’s luck and the proper ways to orient buildings. We provide several types of Feng Shui services.

It is advisable to select auspicious date for your life changing big event like marriage, baby birth and so on because your future will be affected by this special date.

In Taoist practice, there are several rituals which is believed to attract auspicious energies to bless the construction or house before starting construction or before moving in. Please check more details here.

To circumvent pitfalls, undesirable situations, professional or personal by directing or redirecting energies, the Chi. Steer it away to avoid the brunt of the calamity, or push it more in line with oncoming good fortune.