About Bliss Rituals

Rituals are a powerful form of empowerment. It is the transfer of energy from the divine to the common folk. It is like praying except that the focus of energy on that person and his/her objective is amplified through immense focus and chanting by a trained master. Chants evolved from praises and wishes and it is an essential tool in invoking bliss energy from the divine.

The length of time needed for the ritual to work will vary on each individuals’ ability to tap to the frequency of vibration brought about by the divine and the universe. There are instances of its effect being almost immediate with its effect being most obvious within 49 days upon completion of the ritual. Devotees may also be required to return to the altar for constant charging and empowerment to speed up the progress towards reaching their objective/s. With a sincere heart and strong focus on the objective, it has proven to create miracles for many people.

In our context, bliss rituals are usually held with the intention of empowering a individual with the power and vibration to his/her aid in reaching their hearts’ desire. There are many types of rituals and they are usually done to the individual person particular situation and objective. Rituals can vary for many different purposes; from a general ritual to increasing a person’s overall positive energy in terms of wealth, popularity to alternative health cures and ridding of negative energies or vile people in their lives. It can also be focused on mending a relationship to getting that job or promotion.