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Feng Shui is the study of how individuals, environments, and the Cosmo interacts with each other.

Feng Shui analyzes how our environments – where we work, where we live, and the people around us – affect our lives and luck, and it provides solutions to improve them.

Residential Feng Shui Assessment Procedure

The Feng Shui of your home plays a key role in the quality of your life, personal well-being and family harmony. We will assist in designing your living space to resolve issues, promote growth and improve various aspects including:

  • Creating a Harmonious Living Environment
  • Boosting Personal Prosperity, Wealth Accumulation and Career Success
  • Enhancing Family Relationships
  • Reducing Stress and Anxiety
  • Improving Well-Being, Mental and Physical Health
  • Resolving Sleeping issue, Maternity Concerns
  • Overcoming Learning Obstacles
  • Promoting Overall Happiness and Fulfilment
  • Attracting Positive Energy and Opportunities
Divineway Fengshui Master Louis Cheung Residential Fengshui

Residential Feng Shui Assessment by Master Louis Cheung

Step 1: Initial Consultation

We meet with homeowner to discuss your goals, concerns and objectives for the assessment. This may involve reviewing floor plans, discussing specific areas of the home that are of interest, and understanding the occupants’ lifestyles and preferences.

New House Selection

We also provide House Selection services as an optional service if you’re still undecided about the location your residence. We can help to assist you in choosing a house that aligns with positive Feng Shui principles right from the beginning.

Divineway Fengshui Master Louis Cheung Residential Fengshui

Residential Feng Shui Assessment by Master Louis Cheung

Step 2: Site Visit and Preliminary Assessment

   Master Louis will visit your house on the scheduled date to conduct a comprehensive on-site assessment both inside and the outside the house. He will take necessary measurements and evaluate the space and its surroundings. Photographs will be taken for reference and necessary data will be noted down. This initial step establishes the groundwork for the entire Feng Shui enhancement process. Customised Analysis will be conducted by focusing on following factors:

  1. Analysis of the Orientation of the House: The direction and the location in which the house is oriented is crucial, as it determines the quality of energy entering the space. Ensuring that the door orientation allows for the flow of positive energy is essential for promoting harmony and well-being within the household.
  1. The Living Room Fostering Harmony of Family Relationships: The living room holds significant importance in the home as it serves as a gathering place for family members gathers and entertaining guests. By promoting positive communication and creating a welcoming and pleasant atmosphere, the living room plays a vital role in nurturing harmony among family members and fostering strong bonds with guests.
  1. The Kitchen for Well-being and Prosperity: The positioning of Kitchen stove plays a key role in Feng Shui, as it directly influences the attraction of prosperity and well-being for the family members.
  1. Home Office and Study Table For Productivity Optimization: Cultivating a positive work or study environment involves enhancing favourable areas and suppressing inauspicious areas to optimize productivity and concentration, leading to the achievement of better goals.
  1. Position of the Bed for Better Health: Designing a proper positioning of the bed is crucial for promoting better health and reducing stress. This is especially significant if you have plans for a family baby.
Divineway Fengshui Master Louis Cheung Residential Fengshui

Residential Feng Shui Assessment by Master Louis Cheung

Step 3: Comprehensive Recommendation Report

Within 7 working days post-assessment, Master Louis will visit the premises to explain and run through the proposed Feng Shui recommendations, guiding the family through necessary changes to enhance the Home’s Feng Shui. He will provide explanations and the rationale behind each recommendations to ensure clarity and understanding.

Propose solutions for optimizing the layout, arrangement, and design of the premises to support family’s desired objectives will be included in the customized recommendation report.

  1. Suitable usage and space planning arrangements: Recommendations for optimizing the utilization of the space within the house to promote harmony and fulfilment.
  1. Adjustments of furniture and fixtures in the office: Guidance on repositioning furniture and fixtures to improve energy flow and support desired objectives of each area.
  1. Recommendations for Feng Shui cures: Incorporating considerations of colours, patterns, materials, and/or specific items to introduce or enhance positive energy within the premises environment. Feng Shui products are optional and can be incorporated upon request.
Divineway Fengshui Master Louis Cheung Residential Fengshui

Residential Feng Shui Assessment by Master Louis Cheung

Step 4: Follow-Up Verification Visit

A third visit by Master Louis is scheduled to confirm the proper implementation of all recommended Feng Shui enhancements. This ensures that the desired changes are effectively made to optimize the energy flow within the space and improve overall harmony, verifying the effectiveness of the entire process.


1. Information required for engagement registration:

  • Floor plan of the premises
  • Dates and times of birth of the family members staying in the house

2.  Questions regarding to Renovation Ideas, Space Planning requirements and placement of existing furniture/fixtures will also be noted for consideration. If necessary, the ID/contractors can also be invited to go onsite to discuss and have a better understanding of how to plan the design of the premises.

3.  The following services are also available separately:

  • Ground Breaking Ceremony
  • Appeasement Ritual

At Divineway Fengshui, we understand and respect the varied cultural backgrounds of our clients. Master Louis has provided services to thousands of people from diverse backgrounds. While our core beliefs are rooted in traditional Chinese and Taoist principles, we celebrate the universal appeal of Feng Shui.

Master Louis offers solutions that resonate with people from all walks of life, highlighting our commitment to making Feng Shui accessible and beneficial to everyone.

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