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开光 Kaiguang Consecration of Pendant

I’m sure many of you would have gone out to see many temples or places of interest with statues of gods and other auspicious objects.

Kaiguang is the action of imbuing energies into these different statues and objects.

A statue or an object without kaiguang is just an ornament.  It’s just an object with no life and no energy in it.

Kaiguang process will imbue energies into these statues, objects to bring life into them.

The statue by itself is only a representation of a certain theme or a god, a deity. It is just an object with no life in it.

After the Kaiguang process, we invite these energies into these objects to amplify these energies so that they will serve their purpose.

For example, when we talk about Kaiguang, one of the statues that we usually use is the peach blossom goddess.

She represents love and affinity for people.

People who want to get more affinity or have better relationships will usually pray to her so we in build this love and relationship energy into this statue and when you pray to her you can connect with that energy.

If it’s not a statue or a deity it could be a rose quartz heart that we imbue these love and affinity energies into it so that it can help you to look for your affinity or partner more easily.

Putting these objects with energy will help the wearer connect with this energy and amplify it. It’s like a lady putting on makeup for example.

It brings out the energy that attracts people to you.  It creates a sort of a cosmic aura around you.

Many of you might know the law of attraction, it works similarly in this aspect.

It’s like when you have certain energies, you draw those energies towards you.

So if you want to attract certain people, certain energies to you, you need to have the energy, and wearing these objects helps you to boost their energy within you and attract those people to you.

In summary, what is Kai Guang?

Kaiguang is imbuing energies into certain objects. It’s just like charging your phone.

You’re giving that energy to that phone without that your phone is flat and you can’t do anything.

By increasing the energies in these objects, you can amplify them for your purpose.

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