In ancient times, other than being a main means of transport, horses were also used for Warfare, Ceremonial Rites and Sports. It was also a symbol of status and also a favorite subject for painters in their paintings. In current times, the use of horses has greatly diminished but horses are still regarded as fast, steady and a symbol of loyalty.


In the Book of rites(周禮) by Confucius, it is noted that the Ministry of horse matters prayed to the Horse God four times a year with each season and was carried out throughout the various dynasties. The Horse God is the Patron Deity of Soldiers, People in the Transport Industry, Postal Service, Horse Breeders, Highway Inns, Carriage Operators and Police.


Only in recent times, has the practice of quarterly prayers to the Horse God been reduce to once a year. It is held on the 23rd Day of the 6th Month of the Lunar Calendar. In olden times, people used to gather and prepared, a sacrifice of Goat, Chicken, together with Paper Offerings, Fruits, Grass and Water as a form of respect and offerings to the Horse God.


The 8 Horse Wealth Fetching Talisman.


In Taoism Magic, there is also a special way of praying to the Horse God.

The 8 Horse Wealth Fetching Talisman has been passed down through time. It aids individuals who wish to improve their financial status especially for those looking at indirect wealth ( Lottery, Shares Investments, Side Income) at amazing speed. With the 8 Horse Wealth Fetching Talisman, individuals can visit temples or altars that revere the Horse God. The Priest or Master will make certain Incantations and together with a set of Josspapers, burn the Talisman to help the individual attain their goals. Another way is to setup an altar for the Horse God at home.


The setup for a Horse God Altar is relatively simple. Firstly identify a statue a horse( It can be Bronze, Ceramic or Wood. The Statue of the Horse should be one which is Prancing or Running. Avoid Grazing Horses or those with their heads down). Bring it to a Professional Priest or Taoist Master to consecrate. (This is particularly important as we want to make sure the right energies are invoked).


Find a suitable place in your home or office, best being the(驛馬位) Fengshui Travelling Horse sector of the home. Offer a glass of water and or bundle of grass. Change the water daily.


As the Horse has also always been a symbol of Status, Other then receiving a boost in Financial Luck, the Horse God can also help individuals with Promotions and Status Upgrades!



Do you know that just a few decades ago, there were more than 10 temples in Beijing dedicated to the worship of the Horse God.  Among them a famous one being the one located at Jingshan East road. It was initially built in the Ming Dynasty by the Royal stables. All officials assigned to the Ministry will have to pay their respect to the Horse God. It was later rebuilt in the 20th Year of the Qianlong Emperor of the Qing Dynasty (A.D 1755). Inside the temple there are also big bronze bells cast during that era to revere the Horse God.