We’ve been eating foods from D’Bun since we moved our office here in Joo Chiat in 2010. We notice they make buns in their kitchen every day. The buns that were displayed in the oven looked heavenly and smell good!

My favorite is the Char Siew Bao ($1 per Bao). The dough of the Bao was soft and the meat in the Bao was tender. It feels like you stepped into cloud nine once you take a bite into the Bao.

My other favorite us the egg tarts which is $1.80 per egg tart. The custard was very soft and tender. It was not too sweet and it was soft it almost melted in your mouth.

They also have “Char Siew Pastry”  “Glutinous Rice” “Vegetable Pau” “Carrot Cake”. If you want to get these foods, you better go and grab it earlier as quite often it’s sold out in the afternoon.

Their staffs are very friendly too. Cheers!